Robofan Typeface




Robofan is a vintage Open Type font based on the logo of reconfigurable robots (toys and characters) from the mid 1980s. The typeface was conceived when looking at the author’s own collection of Transformers, he noticed many basic drawing and spacing problems, missing characters, incorrect accent shapes and a lack of proper rhythm in the typeface used in the newest toy’s packaging, mistakes that didn't happen in the toys back in the 80s. These mistakes were so evident that the author decided to look back at the original lettering from the 80s to capture the original spirit of the Transformers. 

Robofan contains true small caps and has full support for Cyrillic scripts and Central European languages. The full character set consists of more than 700 glyphs. Robofan is ideal for computer & video games, merchandising and all kinds of products related to science fiction, robots, cyborgs, aliens and everything else.


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